Roasted Celeriac & Soft Shell Crab Taco with TABASCO® Chipotle Yoghurt by Regan Porteous

Regan Porteous, Executive Chef at so-hot-right-now Sydney restaurant Tequila Mockingbird, takes us through his delicious soft shell crab taco recipe using TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce.

Roasted Celeriac and Soft Shell Crab Taco with TABASCO® Chipotle Yoghurt

Roasted Celeriac Taco Method

  • 1 large celeriac
  • salt to season
  • olive oil
  1. Season the celeriac with salt and olive oil, wrap in foil
  2. Roast at 180 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes.
  3. Remove from the oven, and allow to cool in the foil.
  4. Once it has cooled completely, slice thin for the taco wrap.

TABASCO® Chipotle Yoghurt

  • 50ml TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce
  • 100gm roasted red peppers
  • 250gm hung yoghurt
  1. Hang natural yoghurt in the fridge overnight, to remove excess liquid. You should have a thick creamy consistency ready to go the next morning.
  2. Simply, blend the red peppers till pureed in a food processor and mix into the yoghurt base with the TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce. Set aside ready for use.

Pickled Onions

  • 500ml rice wine vinegar
  • 200ml red wine vinegar
  • 200ml apple juice
  • 100gm brown sugar
  • 250gm caster sugar
  • 500gm Spanish onions, peeled and thinly sliced.
  1. Place all liquids and sugar together in a pot, bring to the boil, pour over the sliced onions, cool, store and use as required.
  2. The longer they sit in the pickle, the better.

Softshell Crab

  • 1 softshell crab
  • 50gm potato starch
  1. To prep the softshell crab once defrosted, remove the gills or old man fingers each side of the crab under its back shell.
  2. This is now ready to be thoroughly dredged in potato starch
  3. Drop carefully into a deep fryer at 180 degrees celsius. The crab is ready when the bubbles cease, and its exterior is crisp and crunchy to the touch.

Assembling the taco

  1. To assemble the taco, lightly toast it in a pan.
  2. Spoon on the TABASCO® Chipotle Yoghurt
  3. Place the crispy fried softshell crab on top, add pickled red onions, and garnish with coriander and a lime cheek.