The fiery taste of Louisiana: The TABASCO® Story

In 1868 on Avery Island in Louisiana, a man by the name of Edmund McIllhenny put a combination of peppers and salt in a white oak barrel leaving it to age. Little did McIllhenny know that this process would see him begin to create one of the most loved sauces in kitchens around the world – TABASCO® Sauce.


The home of TABASCO® Sauce, Avery Island, Louisiana, is a mysteriously beautiful place surrounded by swamps and marshes where pepper fields grow, and the McIlhenny family and their employees continue to live and work much as they have for generations.

Today, McIllhenny’s TABASCO® recipe and process remain virtually unchanged but the inspiring ways in which the world’s best chefs and everyday home gourmets use TABASCO® Sauces in their cooking. In fact it’s now sold in over 180 countries, in 22 different languages and even added to soldiers’ rations!

Yet despite this success, TABASCO® stays true to its roots as the most authentic pepper sauce in the world; grounded in its Louisiana heritage and commitment to the same three ingredients Edmund McIllhenny founded the business with in 1868. As they used to say, it’s “That Famous Sauce Mr. McIlhenny Makes”.

The TABASCO® Sauce family has since grown with the TABASCO® Original Red Pepper Sauce now joined by TABASCO® Green Sauce, TABASCO® Chipotle Sauce, TABASCO® Habanero Sauce and the latest addition, TABASCO® Buffalo Style Sauce. The TABASCO® pepper sauce family of flavours each provide their own unique splash of deliciousness.

No matter the meal, TABASCO® Sauce brings out its best while adding a kick. Chefs love what it brings to a dish and the uniquely distinctive flavour that only comes from TABASCO®.