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TABASCO® Sauce, making everything better since 1868.

TABASCO® has a chat with Josh Arthur about what inspired his journey into american style burgers and epic fried chicken.

Nearly 20,000 Facebook followers watch with awe as Josh Arthurs dishes out American style burgers and epic fried chicken. Watch as Josh creates a Chilli Cheeseburger with TABASCO® Chipotle Mayonnaise.

One of Sydney’s most popular burger makers Josh Arthurs from Burgers by Josh shares a mouth-watering Buffalo Fried Chicken Burger recipe with a delicious crunchy coating and incredible buffalo special sauce!

An unexpected way to use TABASCO®

An unexpected way to use TABASCO®

An unexpected but delicious way to use TABASCO®

Matty Matheson takes a crew down to Avery Island, Louisiana to visit the Home of Hot Sauce. Tabasco creators and local taste-makers take Matty on a tour of flavours of the South.

TABASCO, a kitchen favourite since its creation in 1868, is now available in a kitchen-friendly 1.89L plastic bottle, making it easy to use making it easy to use TABASCO pepper sauces back-of-house and create on-trend, signature dishes that customers will love.

In 1868 on Avery Island in Louisiana, a man by the name of Edmund McIllhenny put a combination of peppers and salt in a white oak barrel leaving it to age. Little did McIllhenny know that this process would see him begin to create one of the most loved sauces in kitchens around the world – TABASCO® Sauce.

Matteo's is situated just past the bohemian enclave of Fitzroy's famous Brunswick St in Melbourne. Under Buddha Lo, Matteo's offers seasonal Australian cuisine with an Asian fusion edge.

Matteo's Head Chef Buddha Lo, shares a TABASCO® Hot and Sour Soup recipe complete with Scallop Silk, Lup Cheong, Banana Blossom and Confit Egg Yolk .

Buddha Lo, Head Chef at Melbourne's Matteo's shares his Chipotle and Citrus Cured King Ora Salmon with Yoghurt and Dill. Buddha uses TABASCO® Chipotle Sauce to add a smoky and complex flavour to the dish.

TABASCO® took some time to have a quick chat with Tequila Mockingbird's Executive Chef, Regan Porteous. He takes us through the story behind his new restaurant, his food inspirations and how spice plays a role in his kitchen.

Regan Porteous, Executive Chef at Sydney latest must-go restaurant Tequila Mockingbird, shares his White Fish Ceviche recipe which uses TABASCO® Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce and will blow your mind.

Regan Porteous, Executive Chef at so-hot-right-now Sydney restaurant Tequila Mockingbird, takes us through his delicious soft shell crab taco recipe using TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce.